The Chamber of Engineers is dedicated towards the development of its members and the profession. It is Malta’s best body representing engineers from all disciplines and is well-equipped to promote and support engineering in all its facets.
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The Chamber’s membership offers access to technical innovation, cutting-edge information, networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits. Members support the Chamber’s mission to advance the profession, whilst memberships build a platform to introduce engineering careers to students in Malta.
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Gain quick and easy access to the industry’s source of news on projects, products and people in the industry.
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The Chamber boasts an active calendar of events which offer excellent networking opportunities as well as the prospect for attendees to broaden their engineering knowledge.
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The Chamber’s network is prolific, made up of key stake holders and decision makers from all sectors of the industry. By way of strategically designed partnership initiatives, the Chamber is an excellent platform for partners to showcase their organisation and deliver key messages to a captive audience.
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Organisations who are providing career opportunities to engineers have the option to engage the Chamber to disseminate the job openings with members. Look here for the opportunities currently being shared through the Chamber.
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About Us

The Chamber of Engineers (CoE) is the only local organisation catering for the interests of Maltese Professional Engineers. The Chamber was founded on the 28th April 1978.

The Chamber of Engineers is today an ever growing, dynamic and very active organisation which is continuously discussing ways and means of both enhancing and safeguarding the profession.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Chamber of Engineers strives to contribute significantly to the advancement of the engineering profession and society in Malta. Membership in the Chamber provides you with:

  • Strengthening the voice of the profession
  • Training opportunities & CPD
  • Networking and knowledge sharing
  • Discounted rates to engineering events
  • Personal Development opportunities
  • Personal Exposure
  • Benefits/Discounts based the Chamber Sponsors/Partners

Click here for the CoE Membership Policy. Submit your registration online here and follow the following steps:

  • Select your membership category and click ‘Add to Cart’
  • Proceed to Checkout.
  • Proceed to fill-in all the details to confirm your membership registration.
  • Proceed at the end of page to tick one of the payment options.
  • Send any requested documents per the acknowledgement email.

The membership applications are reviewed by the membership election committee per statute and upon confirmation the secretariat sends a notification and a membership card.

Yes, the Engineering profession in Malta is regulated profession in the interest of public health, safety and security according to the Engineering Profession Act. Cap. 321 of the Laws of Malta. This regulation prescribes the appointment of an Engineering Profession Board and defines the eligibility for the engineering profession warrant as well as the duties and obligations pertaining to the warrant holder such as the Code of Ethics.

The Act defines the Inġ. title which is abbreviated from Inġinier. This is the title denoted to a warrant holder and is protected at law.

The warrant is recognized for providing the services of an engineer in Malta. The eligibility requirements for the warrant are laid out in the Engineering Profession Act Article 3. (2). The following are required:

A 240 ECTS engineering degree at MQF Level 6
Three years relevant work experience in engineering under the supervision of a practicing engineer.

Applications for the engineering warrant can be initiated here. The relevant guidance notes are to be followed when applying for the warrant. The application will be reviewed by the Board, with a typical sequence of activities.

Yes, CPD can be carried out on a voluntary basis as there is currently no mandatory CPD. The Chamber has anticipated any possible mandated system by proposing a voluntary CPD system which will be launched soon.

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