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Sunday, 17 February 2019
Transforming Society through Engineering

The past few months have given tangible proof of the importance of engineers, their role in society, and how they can enhance that same society through the practical application of their knowledge.

Last July, the Department of Industrial Manufacturing Engineering within the University of Malta announced that it had developed a laparoscopic surgery tool which combines a pair of scissors, a hook and grasper, in order to speed up keyhole surgery. It has been reported that surgeons have taken an interest in this new instrument.

Just this week, the Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Faculty of Engineering, with the involvement of academic staff and final year engineering students announced the development of a wind turbine prototype, to replace the wind-driven water pumps found in rural areas of Malta. Once the prototype is complete, it will be installed at the Governmental Experimental Farm at Ghammieri, where it will be tested. With wind energy being high on the environmental agenda, such an invention can only be a positive step towards this aim.

Furthermore, thanks to the research of Marc Anthony Azzopardi within the Department of Electronics Engineering, the University of Malta has achieved its first international patent. Ing. Azzopardi’s working prototype consists of the development of a method to synchronise high speed cameras with outstanding accuracy. The prototype is a by product of his research and development activity in automotive electronic systems.

The Chamber of Engineers commends the University of Malta, the Faculty of Engineering and its various departments for its achievements, and augurs the continued support of the engineering profession. Through this support and a favourable environment our engineers may maintain their role in transforming and after all, improving society.

11 November, 2011

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