Conference | Industry 4.0: Engineering a Smarter Industry

The Chamber of Engineers proudly presents the 2021 Annual Engineering Conference titled Industry 4.0: Engineering a Smarter Industry.

This conference will tackle the challenges and opportunities faced by Engineers to bring about change and adapt to the fourth industrial revolution:

What can we achieve by taking the leap to the fourth industrial revolution? What does it cost in terms of resources and what can be achieved from digitization? How can we benefit from the use of automation and robotics?

The conference will be addressing the above and other questions pertinent to themes and topics of Industry 4.0. The one-day event will be gathering experts from academia and industry who will share knowledge and best practices with respect to the technological advancements and innovations which are found in industry and are subject for further value-added research.

The 28th Annual Engineering Conference will be held on Friday 5th November 2021.
Registration will start at 8:30am and the program will run until 4:30 pm.
The conference shall be held at the Chaplain’s Hall at Villa Bighi in Kalkara and will be split in three sessions with a coffee break and a light lunch break.

The conference programme can be accessed here. Registrations are closed.

Limited seats are available due to Covid-19 Mandatory Standards and guidances. Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate is to be shown at the door.

The conference brochure can be accessed here.

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