Notice to all Inġiniera: Register of Warrant Holders

The Chamber of Engineers informs all Engineering Profession Warrant Holders that the Inġiniera Board has issued a notice requesting Inġiniera to check whether their details on the Register of Warrant Holders are correct. Inġiniera may review a copy of this registry here.  The Register of Warrant Holders is in the process of being updated in preparation to its publication in the Government Gazette as stipulated by the Inġiniera Act Cap. 321.  

The official notice may be reviewed in Maltese or in English. Members of the Profession who need their details to be updated are requested to contact the Inġiniera Board on or by calling +356 22920480 till latest Tuesday 14th March 2023. 

The Chamber clearly underlines the Board’s pivotal role as administrator of all the processes governed by the Inġiniera Act and emphasises the responsibility of the Board to maintain a record of the warrants conferred to date and to sustain its ongoing processing  

At various past opportunities, the Chamber has issued notifications to encourage Inġiniera to verify their details on the Register published annually on the Government Gazette. The Chamber has supported each enquiring Inġinier and has ensured that any shortcoming in the list is communicated to the Board who carried out the necessary updates, being ultimately responsible in managing this Register.

After seeking legal advice, the Chamber would like to also reassure the public and the profession, that a warrant holder whose name does not appear published on the Register is not affected with respect to the exercise of his/her profession. For a person to practise the profession of Inġinier, one needs to be the holder of a valid warrant in line with article 4(1) of Cap. 321. 

Whilst re-iterating the clear expectation from the Board to correctly administer this important Register, the Chamber of Engineers cautions against any statement which suggests that an Inġinier, having a valid Warrant and having taken the Oath, cannot practice as a Professional unless one’s name is listed on the Register.  

The Chamber of Engineers encourages the Inġiniera Board to safeguard the interests of the profession and the public by publishing a Register which is contemporaneous and accurate and shall remain available to any member of the profession or the general public who require any clarification about the regulated profession in Malta.  



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