Chamber of Engineers announce Corporate Sponsorship Agreement with GO

On 24th July 2023, the Chamber of Engineers (CoE) signed a corporate sponsorship agreement with GO which will see both sides collaborating more closely in the field of engineering and the promotion of engineering careers within the telecommunications sector. 

“As a Chamber we recognize that GO’s dedication to engineering excellence in telecommunications has made a resounding impact on the nation’s connectivity. GO’s transformative engineering projects continue to contribute significantly to the country’s progress, confirming it as a major player in Malta’s telecommunications landscape. This is what makes us proud of this new collaboration,” states Inġ. Malcolm Zammit, President of the Chamber of Engineers. 

“This new sponsorship agreement not only reinforces the Chamber’s commitment to advancing the engineering profession but will also have a pivotal role in helping us establish a strong knowledge-sharing platform, educational outreach opportunities and facilitate the continuous professional development of engineers a more dynamic telecommunications sector,” he added. 

“Our corporate sponsorship to the Chamber of Engineers is a significant commitment by GO towards promoting further engineering excellence and innovation on which the provision of solid telecommunications services like those we offer, are based upon,” says Mandy Calleja, Head of Corporate Communications at GO. 

“Through this new collaboration, both GO, and the Chamber of Engineers will seek to harness their respective expertise and resources so that together, we can continue to nurture a talented pool of engineers who will contribute to shaping a stronger future for our telecommunications sector,” added Mandy Calleja.  

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