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The Chamber of Engineers (CoE) is the only local professional organisation catering for the interests of Maltese Engineers and the Engineering Profession in Malta. The Chamber was founded on the 09th June 1978. 

The Chamber of Engineers is today an ever growing, dynamic and very active organisation which is continuously discussing ways and means of both enhancing and safeguarding the profession. 

At both a local and European level, the Chamber actively participates in international discussion groups through the Chamber’s affiliation with the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI). It has also hosted the FEANI Annual Business Meeting in 1994, in 2004 and in 2018. The Chamber’s role in Malta is also recognised under the Inġiniera Act (Cap.321). The Chamber has a representative voice on a number of Boards and Committess and projects the profession’s voice on governmental and societal levels. 

The CoE organises various activities such as seminars and webinars, discussion fora and awareness campaigns. The most anticipated event is the Annual Engineering Conference and the Malta Engineering Excellence Awards (MEEA) in December where the Maurice Debono Lifetime Achievement and the Industrial Excellence awards, are presented.  

The Chamber also organises presentations and networking sessions which offer an ideal opportunity for attendees to broaden their knowledgem, meet fellow engineers with whom one can talk, share experiences, identify common problems and discuss potential solutions. 

The Chamber organises various training courses for the Engineering Community and the general public on a number of technical and continious professional development matters, 

The CoE publishes a regular magazine – “Engineering Today” – providing a medium for the exchange of technical articles and views on subjects relating to the profession and the world of technology. 

The Chamber of Engineers offers unique opportunities, through its ongoing work to enhance the co-operation between Engineers themselves and stakeholders for the good of our society, and by ensuring that the Engineer’s voice is heard at government level and across society.

Vision Statement 

To be recognised as an essential, dynamic engineering organisation by contributing in a significant and professional manner to the advancement of our society. 

Mission Statements 

  • We shall identify, evaluate, propose and promote engineering standards and codes of practice in our society; 
  • We shall provide a forum for the exchange of ideas; 
  • We shall offer educational, social and advisory services to our members and the engineering community; 
  • We shall promote the continuing professional development of our members; 
  • We shall actively promote the profession and the observance of the code of ethics. 

The Statute for the Chamber of Engineers can be downloaded here – CoE Statute. 

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