Malta Federation of Professional Associations

  • Inġ. Saviour Baldacchino
  • Inġ. Johan Psaila (substitute)

UM Faculty of Engineering -Industrial Advisory Board

  • Inġ. Malcolm Zammit

MCAST Institute of Engineering and Transport – Board of Studies

  • Inġ. Michelle Cortis

UM Faculty of Education – MTL in Design and Technology Selection Board

  • Inġ. Michelle Cortis
  • Dr Inġ. Simon Paul Borg

Building Regulation Board (BRB)

  • Inġ. Johan Psaila

Building Industry Consultative Council (BICC) Advisory Board

  • Inġ. Johan Psaila

BICC Subcommittees

  • Building Regulations: Inġ. Johan Psaila
  • Education and Training: Inġ. Christopher Sammut
  • Research and Innovation: Inġ. Matthew Spiteri

BICC Technical Working Committees

  • Fire: Inġ. Fabio Stivala
  • Accessibility: Inġ. Ray Spiteri
  • Sanitary: Inġ. Johan Psaila
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