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Denise Baldacchino

Denise Baldacchino received her Bachelors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Malta in 2017. After presenting her undergraduate dissertation, ‘Attitude Control of a Pico-Satellite’, Denise presented the publication ‘Review and Feasibility of Active Attitude Control and Detumbling for the UoMBSat-1 PocketQube Pico-Satellite’ at the MED2017 conference in July 2017.  Following graduation, Denise worked for over a year as a Lift Inspection Engineer with TVI services. She is now an Innovation Engineer at Toly Products Ltd.  In her role, along with the rest of the Innovation team, she is responsible for the development of blue-sky product development for both internal and external projects.  During her working career, Denise also spent six months working as a part-time researcher within the RIDE+SAFE team at the University of Malta in collaboration with MCST and WKD Works Ltd.  

Activism and representation have always been close to her heart.  Throughout her years at University, she was actively involved in representing engineering students in the faculty-based student body, UESA. Taking the role as Industrial officer in her first year, Denise actively rose to Secretary General, and then finally President during her third year. 


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