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Bonnie Attard

Bonnie Attard is a warranted Engineer.  She graduated from the University of Malta as a mechanical engineer in 2012 further obtaining a Masters Degree in Engineering in 2014.  After completing her masters, she joined Baxter Malta as a R&D engineer working on the implementation and validation of new manufacturing processes and design for thermoplastic and elastomeric products.  Following this experience, Bonnie worked as a Systems Engineer within the Institute of Sustainable Energy at the University of Malta, involving herself in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the newly built Solar Research Facilities. 

In 2017, Bonnie began her PhD with the University of Birmingham working on 3D metal printing of materials used in jet engines.  During this time, she also worked on various side-projects in conjunction with Rolls Royce.  Her work in materials engineering led to multiple publications related to both surface engineering and additive manufacturing.  Currently, she is working as an assistant lecturer with the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at the University of Malta.   


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