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Christian Spiteri

Christian Spiteri is a warranted Engineer.  He graduated from the University of Malta in 2011 and obtained a Master’s degree by research from the same University in 2013 specializing in Advanced Manufacturing Techniques.  He is currently working on the Malta to Italy gas pipeline project with Melita TransGas, an entity that falls under the remit of the Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development.  He is mainly involved in the technical aspect of this project which entails the design of a gas transportation system with the purpose being to create a permanent connection between the Maltese islands and the European Gas grid.  

Prior to moving to the public sector, Christian was employed as a principal engineer responsible of a team of engineers at Baxter Malta.  He was involved in the development of new medical products to launch to the market whilst also supporting other activities required to sustain existing products which are already in the field.  Throughout his studies at the University of Malta, Christian also engaged in several different student engineering experiences including stints at Lufthansa Technik Malta, Abertax and Malta Enterprise. 


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