Sub Committees

Ethics and Disciplinary Committee

  • Prof Inġ. Robert Ghirlando (Chairperson)
  • Prof. Inġ. Victor Buttigieg
  • Prof. Inġ. Michael Saliba
  • Inġ. Pierre Ciantar

Membership Election Committee

  • Inġ. Robert Busuttil (Chairperson)
  • Inġ. Christian Spiteri
  • Inġ. Anthony Cachia
  • Prof Inġ. Paul Micallef

Membership Outreach Committee

  • Inġ. Christian Spiteri (Chairperson)
  • Inġ. Robert Busuttil
  • Mr Jeremy Farrugia
  • Mr Andrew Spiteri

Education Committee

  • Inġ. Bonnie Attard (Chairperson)
  • Dr Inġ. Simon Paul Borg
  • Dr Inġ. Brian Zammit
  • Ms Claire Grima

Public Relations Committee

  • Inġ. Denise Baldacchino (Chairperson)
  • Inġ. Kenneth Terribile
  • Mr Kurt Dalli

Editorial Board

  • Inġ. Ansel Briffa (Editor)
  • Dr Inġ. Ann Zammit
  • Inġ. Maria Rita Muscat
  • Inġ. Michelle Cortis
  • Mr Andrea Bondin
  • Mr Gilbert Vassallo
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