Inġ. David Scicluna GiustiActivities Secretary

David Scicluna Giusti

Inġ. David Scicluna Giusti is a warranted Electrical Engineer who graduated from the University of Malta in 2001. He started his career within the Research and Development team of a local Automotive Electronics manufacturing company. Here he designed electronic circuitry and specialised in the area of Electromagnetic Compatibility.

He then joined a local Building Services Consultant where his role was to inspect the electrical installation at Mater Dei Hospital for eventual certification. From this large-scale project, David gained valuable experience through his exposure to the diverse equipment present in such medical environments, ranging from Medium Voltage to Extra low Voltage systems.

David is now employed as Chief Technical Officer with a local Electrical Supply and Distribution company where role is to manage the Engineering side of the business, provide solutions for the building services industry and Medium Voltage market. As part of this role he was also temporarily relocated to Libya where he was involved in setting up an office to provide a link to the Libyan Hospitality industry, Oil and Gas industry and the Libyan Utility company.

David has previously assisted the Chamber of Engineers as judge for the Engineering students’ projects and Industrial Excellence Awards.


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