FAQs & Clarifications from the CoE

During the past months, the Chamber of Engineers has been receiving numerous queries from its members and members of the engineering profession regarding mixed messages which are being floated and about the draft amendments to the Engineering Profession Act (Cap.321) which had been sent by the Engineering Profession Board last November. The Chamber has also noted certain items that need to be ironed out for the benefit of members of the profession and the general public.

The attached informative sheets provide engineers and readers the opportunity to obtain a clear understanding of the issues conveyed in a more neutral and factual manner. The Chamber believes in education and informed opinion and this collection of frequently asked questions and clarifications are intended to raise more awareness within the engineering profession. This awareness will help us all understand the true problems at hand and hence remain focused on ways to resolve them.

Click here – FAQs & Clarifications to review the facts behind the queries typically raised together with the Chamber’s approach on the associated fact and certain misinterpretations accompanied with a clarification for each.

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