Proposals put forward by the CoE adopted in the Engineering Profession Act

The Chamber of Engineers (CoE) is satisfied to report that its proposals made to the Engineering Profession Board, regarding changes to the Engineering Profession Act, have been unanimously accepted and adopted into the proposed amendments. This milestone follows a series of talks held by the two entities after consultation with members.

The following key changes have been accepted by the Engineering Profession Board and were incorporated in the final proposed version of the Engineering Profession Act:

  • The title of the principal Act shall be substituted by the following: “Inġiniera Act”
  • The definition “Engineer” shall be substituted by the following:  “”Inġinier” means any person who has obtained a warrant in terms  of article 4 of the Act;” and the words “engineer” shall be substituted by the words “Inġinier”,  wherever they occur in these provisions;
  • “Engineering Services” means activities of design, specification, development, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of any mechanical, electrical, chemical process, information and related systems and such activities shall be carried out by or under the authorisation and guidance of an engineer who is a warrant holder, competent in the field as recognised by the Board; as transposed from practice of engineering definition in [LN354 of 2012]

In addition, the CoE and the Engineering Profession Board have unanimously agreed that, as part of the “reserved activities” stipulated in the revised act, surrounding legislation is harmonised to ensure that professionals are now engaged to certify installations or systems.

Important to note is the next step where the Engineering Profession Board is expected to forward the consolidated version of the Engineering Profession Act (Cap. 321) for further evaluation and approval. The CoE will continue to monitor the process rigorously.

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