UPDATED – List of Nominated Candidates: Election for 3 members on the Engineering Profession Board

Holders of the Engineering Profession Warrant under the Engineering Profession Act (Cap. 321), and listed on the Warrant Holders List, are notified about the election of the 3 board members to be elected from amongst warrant holders. Voting for this election will be taking place on 31st August 2020 between 15:00 and 19:00 at Boardroom Block A, Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects.

The nominations submission period has closed yesterday 19th August at 4pm. In line with the regulations of the electoral commission, the Chamber of Engineers is here by publishing the list of Nominated Candidates as published by the electoral commission on 20th August 2020. The list is available in Maltese and in English.

The UPDATED list, following withdrawals period, has been published in both Maltese and English.

A total of 6 candidates are contesting the election for the engineering profession board:

Mechanical Engineers

  • Inġ. Busuttil Robert – Warrant No. 671
  • Inġ. Cachia Anthony – Warrant No. 31
  • Inġ. Stivala Fabio – Warrant No. 473

Electrical Engineers

  • Inġ. Bonanno Samuel – Warrant No. 1404
  • Dr Inġ. Micallef Brian – Warrant No. 1378
  • Dr Inġ. Zammit Brian – Warrant No. 1046

This election was originally due by end of March 2020, however the Board (EPB) had informed the Chamber that given the exceptional circumstances of Covid19 and the associated measures taken by start of March, the Minister had granted an exceptional extension of 6 months for the 3 currently elected board members until a proper election process could take place. Therefore, the call for an election on 31st August 2020 aligns with the above timeline and ensures the election of the 3 board members elected from warrant holders is being carried out by the end of the 6 month extension.

The Chamber believes it is in the interest of all warrant holders to remind that the above extension had been contested at law by the Malta Association of Professional Engineers (MAPE). The hearing was held today, 20th August 2020 with both parties present with their lawyers; i.e. MAPE as applicants vs EPB as respondents. A link to the official outcome can be found here. After hearing both applicants and respondents, the court has decreed that [in Maltese] “Ghalhekk tichad it-talba ghall-hrug tal-mandat.” As stated above, the election is being held within the stated timeline of the extension and the profession is now focusing on electing the 3 representatives of warrant holders on the board.

As representative of the profession, the Chamber of Engineers is satisfied with such active participation in the election and expresses its recognition to the above warrant holders for stepping forward to represent the engineering community. The organisation encourages all warrant holders to evaluate the candidates throughout the coming days and exercise their fundamental right to vote to improve the voice of our profession as we move forward.

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