Constructive Approaches, Overcoming Hurdles, and Empowering Engineers

With respect to the election to the three members on the Engineering Profession Board (EPB), the Chamber has gauged active interest from multiple members including council members, subcommittee members, and warranted members including the outgoing elected members.

The position of the members elected from warrant holder to sit on the engineering profession board, is a critical role which keeps the board in check while echoing the voice of the engineer and ensuring a collaborative approach which build bridges, resolves issues and strengthens the profession’s standing. Therefore, after thoughtful deliberation and discussions within the executive council, the Chamber of Engineers has unanimously agreed to formally endorse nominees who are either council members or subcommittee members as these are the candidates which have a direct line of communication with the Chamber’s executive structure. In light of this, the Chamber is endorsing the following candidates:




Inġ. Robert Busuttil                         Inġ. Anthony Cachia                         Dr Inġ. Brian Zammit


All the above candidates are guided by the Chamber’s unitary vision of having a solid united influence on the Engineering Profession Board. By means of the Engineering Act, the Chamber is the only entity recognised at law to represent engineers. The Chamber’s vision is to crystallise this by means of a direct channel of communication from engineers to the EPB with the Chamber being the catalyst of such a process.

The profession can only advance if we rise together to the occasion and make our voice heard. The Chamber has stepped forward together with the above engineers to ensure colleagues in the profession are heard and empowered. Voting for the above three candidates ascertains a consistent, solution-oriented and constructive approach for the benefit of the profession. As a warrant holder you can make the difference!

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