Vision of the Chamber of Engineers

The work on the critical profession issues continue to be executed amongst other important matters since such critical issues make part of the matters concerning the profession and the Chamber will continue to be driven by a vision for the entire profession. This vision not only seeks to address the present issues satisfactorily but strives to promote the profession, elevate its status in society, strengthen bridges and negotiating leverage, drive consultation and decision-making while championing the code of ethics both personally and between professionals.

This vision is constituted from the Chamber of Engineers’ inherent outlook for the profession together with the vision of the below endorsed candidates for the EPB. This composition of ideas is proposed for a constructive and positive future for our profession. See these clear points below:


Voting for the EPB elections will take place on Monday 31st August 2020 between 3pm and 7pm at Boardroom, Block A, Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects. Your vote for the below 3 candidates (X next to his name) ensures the above vision is upheld and fulfilled as we move forward.

Inġ. Robert Busuttil                                         Inġ. Anthony Cachia                                    Dr Inġ. Brian Zammit

The profession needs your active interest.


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