Research and Innovation gaining priority on the National Agenda

The Chamber of Engineers welcomes the decision to have a new Ministry for Research, Innovation and the Coordination of the post-COVID-19 Strategy.

Innovation and Research & Development (R&D) form cornerstone foundations of every forward looking economy and has been given priority by many states and also highlighted by the EU. The dedication of a Ministerial portfolio indicates that Malta will be following suit in the attention and action due to these important subjects.

The Chamber of Engineers encourages the Government of Malta to continue to invest in Research and Innovation while increasing the national funding and resources to a sustainable and competitive level. This is considered key to attract foreign investment and to create more value-adding sectors in our economy.

As per previous statements, the Chamber has always promoted policy-makers to emphasize on Research & Innovation and while welcoming this step-forward, the Chamber remains committed to support relevant initiatives. Engineers have a fundamental role to play, given they strive to act as catalysts of innovation.

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