WFEO recognises initiatives by the Chamber of Engineers and efforts of Maltese Engineers during the Covid19 Pandemic

The Chamber of Engineers has been in regular communication with the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) throughout 2020 and the past months, where the latter engineering organisation has recognised the Chamber of Engineers’ initiatives and efforts by engineers in Malta throughout the Covid-19 pandemic by showcasing these on there official platform.

WFEO has since last year launch a specific Covid-19 Information Portal on their official website where amongst the key section they have allocated space for initiatives undertaken by members of the same WFEO in their respective countries around the globe.

As full members of WFEO, the Chamber of Engineers gauges all possible opportunities to project efforts in Malta within the global engineering network. The organisation found this as an opportunity to promote the very tangible and valuable work of Maltese engineers to overcome challenges presented in the past months.

The Chamber of Engineers has highlighted case studies it was made aware of and additional to these commends all engineers in the Maltese community who have stood up to the tests of the pandemic can continued giving optimal services.

The Chamber of Engineers welcomes comments on this international correspondence; which can be emailed to our International Secretary on

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