Enhanced representation of women in the Engineering Profession

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Chamber of Engineers would like to highlight its commitment to consolidate the representation of women in the engineering profession, as well as further supporting young women in following science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects which could lead them to a professional STEM career.

Following the announcement of the Chamber of Engineers’ Executive Council for 2021-2022 on 4th March, the Chamber is proud to observe that this council holds the largest number of women members since the organisation’s foundation; an important step towards more equal gender representation in an organisation representative of the engineering profession.

In light of this, the Chamber continues to recognise the challenges faced by women in the engineering profession and while appreciating positive changes throughout the years, the organisation will strive to promote more equal opportunities within our profession

Nowadays, the engineering profession is decorated with many women leaders who have inspired and continue inspiring prospective engineers. The Chamber remains committed to attract all genders to undertake careers in STEM and is hopeful for a future of professional leaders which strive in a profession providing equal prospects and encouraging different abilities.

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