Chamber of Engineers launches “Engineer Your Career” Campaign

The Chamber of Engineers announced the launch of its campaign “Engineer your Career”, following the identification of the need to attract more students towards engineering careers.

In 2019, following the necessity to address this concern, the Chamber successfully applied for funding through the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme (VOPs) to develop a project aimed to raise awareness of the engineering profession and the engineer. This was to be achieved by highlighting the numerous and versatile fields in engineering, by emphasising the key prerequisites to pursue engineering studies and to continue entrenching the positive views of engineers within society while factually clarify certain misconceptions about the profession. This vision gave birth to Engineer Your Career.

During the launch event, held at the Grand Harbour Roof Terrace at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, the President of the Chamber of Engineers, Inġ. Malcolm Zammit, described the purpose and projections of the campaign and described the event as ‘’an important day for the profession, where engineers are moving closer to society and tomorrow’s students, who still need to gather insight on becoming an engineer and the satisfaction which such career brings.”

 The CEO of the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector, Mr Mauro Pace Parascandolo, also participated in the launch and noted that Voluntary Organisations find vital support in such funding schemes which allow them to deliver projects which give back to society and which promote increased collaboration between Voluntary Organisations and public entities.

The launch concluded with a keynote speech by the Parliamentary Secretary for Sport, Recreation and Voluntary Organisations, Dr. Clifton Grima, who remarked that the communication of the vision of the Chamber of Engineers was the perfect example of how to make effective use of the VOPS to deliver projects which improve the position and future of the profession, in this case engineering.

 The Engineer Your Career campaign will continue dissemination through the Chamber’s digital media platforms and will eventually develop into other media and further collaborations. These place the Chamber to be in a better position to promote engineering careers and be of more support to students and parents with an interest in the topic.

Engineer Your Career has been funded through the Voluntary Organisations Projects Scheme (VOPS) managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector on behalf of Parliamentary Secretary for Sports, Recreation and Voluntary Organisations within the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Wellbeing. This project/publication reflects the views only of the author, and the MISW and the MCVS cannot be held responsible for the content or any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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