An Act to amend the Inġiniera Act, Cap. 321.

Following the approval of Bill 205 in Parliament, ACT No. XLVIII of 2021 was enacted and published with the Goverment Gazette’s issue of 23rd July 2021. This Act amends Cap. 321 regulating the profession, being thereafter titled Inġiniera Act (i.e. Att dwar l-Inġiniera). The amended Cap. 321, Inġiniera Act, may be viewed here.

This Act consolidates the role and status of the Inġinier and Inġiniera in Malta, safeguards the Engineering Profession Warrant and aligns the legal provisions as required per the infringement proceedings relating to the Services Directive and the Mutual Recognition Directive.

Since 2019, the Chamber has spearheaded amendments to Cap. 321 and is therefore well aware of the challenges encountered along the way. The amendments as approved by Parliament come as a result of numerous meetings held with members of the profession. Their feedback was essential for the submissions made by the Chamber.

The Chamber appreciates that members of the profession have rightfully expressed qeuries and concerns regarding the amendments. Some of these concerns were exacerbated from persistent claims made on the same legal amendments as being negative for the profession and the warrant. On numerous occasions, the Chamber had ironed out specific misinterpretations and feels a renewed need to provide members of the profession with the opportunity to obtain a clear understanding of the amendments and their implications.

The Chamber believes in the forthright communication of facts and has prepared a brief Statement of Facts regarding the key changes brought into effect by Bill 205. Members of the profession and the general public are being assured that the Inġinier, the Engineering Profession Warrant and the regulatory framework and legal standing of the engineering profession has been and will continue to be safeguarded as we move forward.

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