2021 Live Forum | Chamber of Engineers

The Chamber of Engineers’ Live Forum is being held on Thursday 30th September 2021 at 06:15PM. After its launch in 2020, this event is being proposed to become a staple event in the CoE’s event calendar as a brief mid-year review of the Council’s term!

The Live Forum is an opportunity to connect further with members and to provide an interim update on the council’s operation, the Chamber of Engineers as an organisation in general as well as the most salient issues surrounding the profession.

The Live Forum will share presentations based on the agenda below namely tackling the latest amendments to the Inġiniera Act (Bill 205) and other important matters, followed by Q&A from the floor. The participation of the members of the CoE is essential for this kind of meeting and its designed for such a purpose.

CoE ’21/22 Live Forum AGENDA:

  • Collaborations and Partnerships for the Chamber
  • Events and Opportunities
  • Professional Issues

The event is planned to be held partly physical (in line with Covid-19 regulations) and partly online depending on preferences of attendees.

Register for the event and advise whether you prefer physical attendance or online by submitting the form below! For any queries feel free to contact info@coe.org.mt


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