‘Engineer Your Career’ Material Presented to National School Support Services

The Chamber of Engineers has today presented the National School Support Services (NSSS) with a set of resources from Engineer Your Careera campaign which generated graphic and videographic material meant to promote interest in engineering careers within younger generations.

The aim of the Engineer Your Career project was to create a tool-box to be used to raise further awareness on engineering careers and to serve in encouraging students to engage more in STEM subjects. This donation shall ensure that these resources are made available at various colleges and post-secondary institutions and easily accessible to career guidance practitioners who want to showcase testimonials from various engineering fields when discussing career paths with students.

The channels of communication between the CoE and NSSS shall remain open to ensure that career guidance practitioners are provided with relevant input from the engineering profession. Further opportunities for collaboration between the two entities will be explored for the benefit of young students seeking more insight and guidance on engineering career paths.

Engineer Your Career has been funded through the Voluntary Organisations Projects Scheme (VOPS) managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector on behalf of Parliamentary Secretary for Sports, Recreation and Voluntary Organisations within the Ministry of Inclusion and Social Wellbeing.

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