Publication of ASIIN Evaluation Report on MCAST B.Eng. (Hons.) Programmes

The press release of the 25th May 2022 announced that ASIIN, the German quality assurance consultants appointed by the Inġiniera Board to evaluate the MCAST B. Eng. (Hons.) programmes, had approved the same courses and the Board embraced ASIIN’s confirmation and approved these MCAST B.Eng. (Hons.) courses. ASIIN approved these courses based on the fulfilment of the requirements adopted by the expert panel. Further to their approval, ASIIN highlighted that the study results, as well as the individual performance of graduates who have completed the programmes, are subject to a final review later in 2022.

The Chamber of Engineers (CoE) has been engaged in extensive discussions with ASIIN during this review process, and as evidenced by its commitment and involvement in this process, the CoE has always advocated transparency in the communication of results of such a critical process for engineering education and the engineering profession in Malta and had requested the Inġiniera Board to publish the ASIIN evaluation report. Following re-appointment of the Board, the CoE re-iterated its submissions during the meeting of 4th July 2022, and following approval from all stakeholders involved, the Board has released ASIIN’s Evaluation Report of the MCAST B.Eng.(Hons.) Programmes which reflects the entire process of this review which started in September 2020. This report along with CoE position papers on the subject may be found here.

Note: The programmes in the subject of this article are not related to the Pre-Warrant Qualifications Course (PWQC) and B.Eng.(Hons) students who started Oct 2018 onwards do not need to carry out the PWQC . The PWQC course is currently concluding its first year and the course applies to a specific cohort of students from the older courses. The PWQC is a requirement for these older MCAST engineering courses to become eligible for the engineering warrant. Refer to this press release for more information.

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