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Inġiniera Malta meets with the FEANI Secretary General in Malta

On Tuesday 9 August 2022, Mr Dirk Bochar, Secretary General of FEANI was welcomed at the Professional Centre in Gżira for a meeting with Inġiniera Malta comprising of representatives from the Executive Councils of the Chamber of Engineers (CoE) and Kamra Tal-Periti (KTP). This cordial familiarization visit in Malta followed the co-option of the CoE International Secretary, Inġ. Michelle Cortis to the FEANI Executive Board since 1 July 2022.

Inġiniera Malta took such initiative to better understand the expectations of the FEANI Executive Board in which Malta will be represented for the first time as one of the three National Members representing FEANI’s Southern Region.

During the meeting potential avenues for further collaboration between FEANI and the Maltese National Member were considered and debated so that cross-border knowledge sharing within the European Engineering community continues to be fostered. This involvement will also ensure a further value-added contribution from Malta towards the European Table.

The Secretary General of FEANI provided an overview of FEANI’s major work items, such as the revision of the EUR ING title, the “Engineers for Europe”-project and the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals. The latter will this year be covered at National level through the CoE’s 29th Edition of the Annual Engineering Conference on 14 October 2022, to which also FEANI will contribute with a speaker.

Inġiniera Malta feels honoured to have hosted the Secretary General of FEANI in Malta for such a cordial meeting and CoE and KTP look forward to strengthen ties with both FEANI and European counterparts to continue strengthening the present and future of the engineering profession.

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