Official Statement on the Inġiniera Board Elections 2022

The Electoral Commission of the Inġiniera Board has called on all listed Engineering Profession Warrant Holders to participate in the upcoming elections of Monday 22nd 3pm to 7pm, to elect 3 members to represent warrant holders for the next 2 years.

The profession can only move forward with the collaboration between the CoE, the Board, authorities, and various other stakeholders of the profession in Malta. Therefore, the profession can only advance with a Board composed of Inġiniera who can listen, contribute, and where needed, respectfully disagree while still working to find solutions on the discussion table.

In the 2020 election, the professional community witnessed the very first election which was hotly contested and on a partisan basis rather than on an individual basis. That election had indeed attracted the highest turnout of voters but had fostered harmful factioning within the engineering profession. Following feedback gathered from Inġiniera who value collegiality and cooperation within the profession, and together with an evaluation of the events of the 2020 elections, the CoE has decided to rise above that outcome, opting for a unifying and positive approach. These elections should not be an occasion for further fragmentation and should be only contested by the nominee warrant holders that genuinely have the profession at heart.

The Chamber is encouraging all listed warranted professionals to vote, however the Chamber will not be entertaining a partisan contest between organisations as this will not be of any benefit to the profession. The contesting candidates are expected to make their vision known to members of the profession. As a Chamber we will give such opportunity to candidates as well to warrant holders to know more about the intention of the candidates while communicating the CoE’s vision for future work with the Board. The Chamber’s doors are wide open to eligible warrant holders who, prior to the vote, would like to obtain a factual and transparent picture of the matters surrounding the profession.

The Chamber strongly encourages warrant holders to vote for their preferred candidates. Our future representatives are expected to highlight their intended efforts to re-instate harmony within the Board and work with stakeholders. Warrant Holders are advised not to underestimate these elections and where in doubt seek clarification from the Chamber.

In closing, the Chamber of Engineers looks forward to cooperating with the prospective representatives of warrant holders on the Board.

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