Chamber of Engineers clarifies media statements on the amendments leading to the Inġiniera Act. Cap.321

The Chamber of Engineers makes reference to the Times of Malta Article of 18-Aug-2022 and is issuing the following clarifications to the engineering community:

  The CoE maintains that the persistent claim that these amendments “would effectively eliminate the professional status of the engineer” is invalid. The Chamber reiterates that the latest amendments in Inġiniera Act Cap.321 consolidate the role and status of the Inġinier and Inġiniera in Malta, safeguards the Warrant and aligns the legal provisions as required per the infringement proceedings relating to the Services Directive and the Mutual Recognition Directive. 

 The CoE issued a press release in 19-Aug2020 about the adoption of the proposals to the Act which effectively address the previously identified inadequacies in the early draftThe consolidated amendments were then reviewed by the Legislation Unit and delivered to the Commission (CION) for review and approval in view of the infringement procedures. The MTIP had then informed the CoE that the draft amendments had passed the CION stage and then MTIP submitted the Bill to Cabinet for approval. The amendments procedeed to the following legislative steps since Aug-2020 and the warrant of prohibitory injunction came into effect in 05-Nov-2020. The Chamber did not discuss the topic any further with the Board since that date as can be attested by all Board Members.

 ACT No. XLVIII of 2021 was enacted by parliament in 23rd July 2021 and amended Cap. 321 regulating the profession, now titled Inġiniera Act. The CoE had issued at least seven press releases to inform members of the engineering community of the entire process. The engineering community is highly encouraged to refer to the statement of facts the CoE had issued explaining the amendments.

 Besides the latest legal proceedings in subject of this article, the CoE is involved as an interested party in the ongoing civil suit scoping these amendments to the Act regulating our profession.


? Members seeking further clarifications are invited to contact the CoE on

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