OFFICIAL RESULT: Election for 3 members on the Inġiniera Board

Holders of the Engineering Profession Warrant under the Inġiniera Act (Cap. 321), and listed on the Warrant Holders List, were eligible to vote on 22nd August 2022 between 15:00 and 19:00. Voting turnout consisted in 213 votes casted.

The Chamber of Engineers is publishing the election results as published by the electoral commission. The results of the 3 elected members on the Inġiniera Board are available in here.

The Chamber of Engineers congratulates Inġ. Joseph Restall, Inġ. Samuel Bonanno & Dr Inġ. Brian Micallef as elected members of the Board and thanks the nominees Inġ. David Scicluna Giusti, Inġ. Fabio Stivala and Inġ. Mark Borg for taking part in these elections. The Chamber also thanks all Inġiniera who voted in this election.

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