The European Parliament approves the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

The Chamber of Engineers expresses support towards the majority vote of the EU Parliament (EP) in favour of the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), taken on 14th March 2023. The EPBD seeks to implement ambitious measures to accelerate the decarbonisation pathways for new and renovated buildings and sets tighter Minimum Energy Performance Requirements which give deserved importance to the cost of energy during the building lifecycle. 

The Chamber emphasises the importance of legislating in favour of measures which lead to the construction of nearly zero-emission buildings (NZEB) buildings. The previous EPBD facilitated the construction of NZEBs, an ambitious target which Malta still needs to strive to achieve in the near future. The new measures mandate all EU Member States to update their minimum energy performance requirements from NZEBs to zero-emission buildings, and limit the extent of the allowed derogation. The new EPBD is also calling for Member States to set up free-of-charge information points on energy efficiency and renewables which would be equally useful for citizens and professionals to make and promote informed decisions on the subject. 

The Chamber notes that the majority of Maltese Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) stood on the EP side which opposed the new directive. In the interest of all Maltese citizens and future generation, the Chamber urges the Government of Malta and the Opposition of Malta to understand clearly the rationale behind such a vote, not to shun the position adopted by the EP, and to support measures that promote energy efficiency and sustainable development which would be envisioned to ensure that the island is habitable, sustainable, and resilient. 

As a professional body, the Chamber is prepared to support policy makers to promote the implementation of energy efficiency measures related to the building envelope, more energy efficient Technical Building Systems and the application of renewable energy systems in new and renovated buildings.

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