Chamber of Engineers: Our Vision for the Inġiniera Board and Proposals for Future Work

On Monday 22nd August, listed Inġiniera are invited to vote in the upcoming elections to elect their representatives on the Inġiniera Board. These elections are being contested by 6 candidates out of which warrant holders need to elect 3 to represent our profession  until 31st August 2024.  

The Chamber of Engineers stated its position on these elections and informed the engineering community that it is not entertaining a partisan contest between organisations. As for the past 44 years, the Chamber seeks and will keep fostering collegiality and cooperation within the profession and the contesting candidates are expected to make their vision known to their fellow engineers so that they may vote based on factual information on matters surrounding the profession. This approach reflects the Chamber’s modus operandi which is based upon regular factual, transparent and consistent communication.  This modus operandi is also a fundamental pillar of the Chamber’s vision for the Inġiniera Board and the profession.  

Vision for the Inġiniera Board 

During the past two years, the Chamber has witnessed an unprecedented and concerning disharmony amongst the Board members.  Ultimately, this situation has severely hampered the good work that was carried out and threatened the functioning of the Board. Such situation had and still has serious repercussions on present warrant holders and on future prospective warrant applicants.  

The engineering profession cannot afford to remain stuck on issues which were given the required detailed attention and due diligence. As such, The Chamber looks forward to an Inġiniera Board which is composed of Board Members who are each ready to work hand in hand with the exclusive objective of safeguarding and promoting the advancement of the profession whilst inspiring trust within the engineering community  

The CoE’s position on these elections portrays its vision for an effective regulatory Board and a growing profession which engages in mature discussions and collaboarates to find collective solutions for present and future Inġiniera.   

Proposals for Future Work 

The Inġiniera Board and the Chamber of Engineers are two separate and distinct entities. The Board is the regulatory body of the profession which serves as guardian of the Inġiniera Act Cap.321 while the CoE is the professional organisation representing of the engineering profession for the past 44 years which is recognized as the interlocutor between the profession and the regulator.  

The CoE Executive Council and the Board keep regular communication ensuring that the Board’s work is in alignment with the voice of the professionals and both entities collaborate on pertinent professional issues. 

The CoE highlights the following proposals for the continuation of work and initiation of future work with the Board, as applicable:  

  1. Safeguard the engineering profession warrant and consolidate the warrant assessment procedure. 
  2. Ensure the expected high academic standards for the profession and the warrant and promote increased quality assurance in engineering education. 
  3. Define a framework for surrounding legislation to support the engineer and public health and safety and to consolidate “reserved activities” as contemplated in the Inġiniera Act Cap.321. 
  4. Communicate the true value of the engineering profession with professionals, consumers and stakeholders. 
  5. Promote the Code of Ethics and the expected ethical standards between engineers. 

The future representatives of warrant holders on the Board are expected to highlight their intended efforts to ensure a fully functioning Board that decides and acts harmoniously in the sole interest of all engineers and the profession as a pillar of society. 

Warrant Holders are advised not to underestimate these elections and are strongly encouraged to vote on Monday’s election and where in doubt seek clarification from the Chamber 

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