Conclusion of the ASIIN Evaluation Process of MCAST PWQC and Bachelor of Engineering Programme

The Chamber of Engineers has been notified by the Inġiniera Board that the German quality assurance consultants ASIIN have concluded the evaluation processes for the Pre-Warrant Qualification Couse (PWQC) and the B.Eng.(Hons.) programmes offered by the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST).

Throughout these two parallel yet distinct evaluation processes, the Chamber has participated objectively in the review process and shared views and recommendations to voice the standards expected by the engineering profession and the best interests of society. As per its role and mandate, the Chamber has remained adamant on the importance of transparency in the communication of results of such critical evaluations for engineering education and the profession in Malta. The final versions of the respective ASIIN Evaluation reports are made available on the Chamber’s website as follows:

As of January 2020, the CoE was formally accepted as a key stakeholder in these review processes and the CoE engaged in extensive discussions with ASIIN in full commitment commitment towards the engineering community.

The evaluation of the MCAST Pre-Warrant Qualification Course (PWQC) started in April 2020 with ASIIN’s consent to the PWQC arriving in January 2021. The first course of the PWQC started in April 2021 and the first cohort of students are expected to graduate end January 2023.

The ASIIN evaluation of the MCAST B.Eng.(Hons.) programmes started in October 2020 with ASIIN’s consent to these B.Eng.(Hons.) programmes arriving in May 2022. The first cohort of graduates from these new programmes have finished their studies in June 2022 and graduated at the end of 2022.

Over the past 3 years of the ASIIN review processes, the CoE ensured to fulfill its mandate and has kept the profession updated with developments by issuing more than 15 communications taking the form of emails to members and/or press releases. Furthermore the CoE has also published 9 position papers highlighting the active conversations with ASIIN and the stakeholder including the points of contention and the recommendations made. These CoE position papers along the ASIIN evaluation reports are made available on the CoE website.

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